Car with saltwater batteries

Car with saltwater batteries

My name is Pirvu Daniel from Romania and I was in Sweden, with „Digital teaching in natural scientific subjects“ project,there I presented a program for windows and a car whose batteries go on a saltwater basis.

The program is structured in classes where 3d movies are presented with physics experiments, all movies are animated, the physical phenomenon can be seen, they are explained in Romanian but it will be followed in English

The car is made of plastic with a small 2-millimeter motor, but a battery that produces energy is made of 3 small materials: an aluminum plate, it is the first terminal, a paper to absorb salt water and drive the energy, and yet another the pleasing metal forms the 2 nd terminal.

How it works: First put the aluminum plate, then the paper is filled with salt water and metal is placed over it, it reacts and profits enough energy to move the machine for up to 3 hours of continuous use, only if we put salt water on the way , after that, in order to be used again, the metal must be replaced.

The experience in Sweden was a pleasant one, I learned many new things from the participating countries, I had fun and most importantly I communicated with different people.