YoYo Games

YoYo Games

If you are interesting in programming but you don’t know any programming language, maybe YoYo Games will be interesting for you. One of Romanian students prepare workshop for other about programming without programming language. Enjoy it.

When I was in Italy I introduced a very simple program to create 2d games, it is called Game Maker Studio. To use this program you do not need to know any programming language like C / C ++ or Java, it’s only drag and drop.

I installed on each computer there the program so that everyone did what I showed them to learn more easily. I did a space ship game where you had to get around the asteroids.

We started by drawing the space shuttle, then we turned the drawn image into an object that we could add to the screen. I’ve added commands to go left, right, etc.

Then I drew the asteroids of different shapes, sizes and colors, and falling speeds. I added them, and after that I added a bar under the screen, and when the asteroids hit that bar they went back up, not to add many, but just to repeat.

We added a flick to the asteroid shuttle and when the shuttle touches an asteroid, the game is reset.

Link: http://www.yoyogames.com/get