Learn from your phone

Learn from your phone

This lesson aims to learn absolute and relative location using the phone and the Digital Teaching application. •We will learn Geography terminology and develop skills we will learn geographic terms and develop skills such as reading a map on the phone, locating places with the absolute and relative location •The class is divided into two parts:

– 1st in the classroom – PowerPoint Scanning,  take a quiz to see if the students understood the matter explained
– 2nd application of knowledge in the itinerary that we do outside the classroom, with the Digital Teaching application.

Topic -Geography, English, Mathematic, English
iming – 50 + 50 minutes
Materials: phone, Google maps and Digital Teaching app

Lesson plan: guide for teacher on procedure, including a map,  video, PowerPoint
Worksheets: exercises and answers.

Relative location

For the relative location we need: –The compass and Cardinal points –  Primary, Inter cardinal points; –Reference  points – monuments, school, building, ocean, Sea, …
Now, look at the map.
What is the location of Portugal in Europe?
Which is the country of the ERASMUS group that is to the East and is bordered by the Black Sea?

Absolute location

Latitude is the distance that goes from the Equator to the parallel passing in a place – latitude varies between -90° (South) and +90°  (North) degrees. Longitude is the distance that goes from the Greenwich meridian to the meridian passing in a place; varies between –180° (West) and +180° (East) degrees